Andrés Jácome

Bachelor of Laws
Juris Doctor
Senior Specialist in Telecommunications Law and Management
Master’s degree in Management and Telecommunications Law

During his professional practice, Andrés Jácome has garnered experience in several branches of law, including
a) Sectional and Real Estate: drafting and execution of purchase and sale agreements, pledges, mortgages, exchanges; obtaining approvals of Internal Co-ownership Regulations and Declarations of Horizontal Property from Sectional Bodies;
b) Corporate: incorporation of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies, bylaw amendments, capital increases, mergers, and company transformations;
c) Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and Television: legal and regulatory advice to the President and members of the National Telecommunications Council (CONATEL); as a delegate of CONATEL before international telecommunications organizations and the State Modernization Council (CONAM) in the PROMEC process; giving legal and regulatory advice to radio and television broadcasting companies; processing and obtaining various enabling titles for service provision and use of radio frequencies; drafting and presentation of administrative challenges before the regulatory and controlling authorities; provision of legal and regulatory advice to companies such as Alcatel del Ecuador S.A., Siemens Enterprise Corporation, Teleamazonas, Ecuador Telecom S.A., and Conecel, among others. Currently, he is working as external advisor to the Ecuadorian Association of Telecommunications Companies (ASETEL).
d) Labour: preventive counselling, and dispute resolution before the Labour Inspection authority and the labour courts;
e) Cooperativism: He has had the opportunity to provide legal advice for the transformation of the Caja de Ahorro y Crédito of the Central Bank of Ecuador (BCE) into what today is the Cooperative of Employees, Retirees and Former Employees of the BCE;
f) Civil and Civil Procedure: drafting of contracts, divorce proceedings, sale of movable and immovable property, judicial claims, extrajudicial and judicial portfolio recovery in entities such as the Deposit Guarantee Agency and Filanbanco S.A. in liquidation;
g) Intellectual Property and Data Protection: registration of trademarks and commercial names, registration oppositions, administrative guardianships, and review of and comments on the Personal Data Protection Bill;
h) Immigration: processing and obtaining visas for foreigners;
i) Mutualism: as director of the auditing team of Mutualista Benalcázar;
j) Competition Law: As part of the defence team in investigations initiated by the Superintendency of Market Control Power against CONECEL;
k) User and Consumer Rights: as manager of TELMEX and CONECEL, he had the opportunity to coordinate actions with the Ombudsman’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office to attend to and resolve claims filed by telecommunications service customers concerning the provisions of the Organic Law for Consumer Defence and the Integral Criminal Code.


+593 4 2560100
Regulation Manager
Ecuadortelecom S.A. TELMEX / Consorcio Ecuatoriano de Telecomunicaciones Conecel S.A.

Legal Director
Mutualista Sebastián de Benalcázar in Liquidation

Senior Attorney
Solines and Associates

Legal Advisor to Conatel, currently Arcotel
National Telecommunications Council, Conatel

Secretary of the Coercive Court
Filanbanco S.A. in Liquidation

Secretary of the Coercive Court
Deposit Guarantee Agency (AGD)

Professor of Economic Law I and II (Regulatory Framework, Regulated Sectors and State Intervention in the Economy) at Universidad de las Américas, 2007–2008