Oscar Erraez
Of Counsel

Attorney in private practice since 2010, founding partner of Labour Law S.A., a training, consulting, and legal services company, currently serving as General Manager thereof.
Master’s Degree in Occupational Health and Safety Management
Lawyer of the Courts and Tribunals of the Republic of Ecuador



+593 4 2560100
Email: oerraez@apolo.ec
Manager and founder of the company Labour Law S.A.
Advisor to the following companies:
Banco Guayaquil S.A.
Diteca S.A.
Aditec S.A.
Apox S.A.
Avicola San Isidro S.A. Avisid
Candy Planet S.A.
Chemcrop S.A.
Creando Estilos S.A. Crestilsa
Ecobanec Cia. Ltda.
Empresas Pinto S.A.
Euriprin S.A.
Forlano S.A.
Guayaquil Yacht Club
Home Cleaners S.A.
Ielmesa S.A.
Ilianza S.A.
Imeteco S.A.
Mediglobal S.A.
Productora Cartonera S.A.
Proexpo, Procesadora y Exportadora De Mariscos S.A.
Repapers Reciclaje del Ecuador S.A.
Sejour S.A.
Surpapelcorp S.A.
Talmax S.A.
Urbana Films S.A Conalusa
Metain S.A.
Gruvalcorp S.A.
La Tablita Group Cia. Ltda.
Radiocristal S.A.
Mundicables S.A.
Brat & Asociados S.A.
Home Cleaners S.A.
Mediglobal S.A.
Distribuidora Farmaceutica Ecuatoriana Difare S.A.
Proexpo S.A.

Labour Inspector's Office, Ministry of Labour
● Drafting of labour complaints; answering labour complaints; eviction proceedings; approval proceedings; proceedings for payment of severance pay or profits to former employees; drafting of labour contracts; preparation of records for settlement of severance pay; drafting of internal labour regulations; and drafting of safety, hygiene, and occupational health regulations.

Social Security: External Coercive Actions Attorney for the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS)
● Recovery of the IESS portfolio. Appearance for complaints; obtaining employer key; worker affiliation; entry and separation record notices; work accident records and intervention in such processes. Moreover, trained to prepare challenges to agreements issued by this institution before the provincial and national commissions.

Labour Courts
● Drafting of labour lawsuits and answering labour lawsuits; intervention in single, appeal, and cassation hearings, as well as filing of appeals.