Patricia Castillo

Attorney Patricia Castillo has worked in the field of private law for more than eight years. She has been involved in several national and international transactions in Spain, France, and Morocco, in the fields of industry, construction, energy and the services sector. She has developed a solid experience in corporate, labour, and international law, having been involved for three years in procedures relating to the incorporation, modification, and corporate monitoring of several foreign multinationals in Morocco. During the last year, she has specialized in the area of corporate criminal law, especially in regulatory compliance. As Compliance Technician she has collaborated closely in the advice, surveillance, and monitoring of the risks of possible legal non-compliance in the company in which she rendered her legal services. Her responsiveness, effort, and daily improvement, together with her experience in the corporate legal field, allows her to make a significant contribution to the work team in which she participates.

+593 4 2560100
• Urbaser S.A. (China Tianying Group Inc). Madrid, Spain
Responsible for the implementation of the Compliance System in Urbaser S.A.
• DK Partners, Casablanca, Morocco
Attorney specialized in corporate law in a high-level legal, accounting and tax consultancy and management firm in Morocco with headquarters in France.
• Boulalf & Mekkaoui Law Firm, Casablanca, Morocco.
Attorney specialized in corporate and commercial law in one of the most prestigious law firms in Casablanca awarded with two silver trophies as the Best Law Firm in North Africa.