Rafael Balda

In the private sector, he has worked as a consultant in public and corporate affairs management. In the legal field, his professional work has focused on constitutional and political law, financial law, and corporate law. In the academic field, he has been a visiting professor of Theory of Law at Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil; instructor in workshops for officials of Ibero-American regulatory and supervisory bodies at the Ibero-American Institute of Securities Exchanges; speaker and lecturer in different forums, workshops, and conferences; and has acted as secretary of the Latin American Council of International and Comparative Law Scholars (COLADIC–Ecuador Chapter).



+593 4 2560100 Ext. 115
Email: rbalda@apolo.ec
Apolo Law Firm: Senior Associate Attorney
Constitutional, administrative, financial, tax, corporate and general corporate areas, 2018–to date)

Independent consultant and advisor
2008, 2013

Persona. Institutional Representation
Project Manager
Project and Research Management, development of new services and direct advice to private sector for-profit and not-for-profit clients
June 2007–September 2008

Estadio Magazine
Freelance International Correspondent

Pareja & Associates, Attorneys at Law
Legal Assistant
July 2002–January 2003

"Attorney Carlos Chávez Negrete" Law Firm. Legal Assistant
January 2002–June 2002

• Superintendence of Companies, Securities, and Insurance:
National Intendant of the Securities Market
Overall and strategic direction of the supervision and control of the securities market and the trust sector in Ecuador
Responsible for adopting administrative measures and imposing sanctions for violations of securities market regulations
Responsible for supervising the preparation and approval of draft securities market regulations
Occasionally performed as Acting National Intendant of Companies and Acting Superintendent of Companies, Securities, and Insurance
2013 -2018

• Superintendence of Companies
General Counsel
Advising on the institutional management of situations and processes of the Superintendence of Companies, with emphasis on regulatory challenges and corporate matters
April 2011–April 2013

• Presidency of the Republic
National Secretariat of Communication
Political–Legal Advisor
Advising on the political and institutional management of the Presidency, within the scope of the Secretariat's work. Coordination with the Legal Secretariat. Emphasis on human rights, right to freedom of expression, and regulatory issues.
August 2009–January 2011

• Contentious Electoral Tribunal
Advisor to the Presidency
Preparation of draft rulings, legal reports, constitutional interpretation, and support to the management of the Tribunal
November 2008–July 2009

• Constituent Assembly
Assistant to the Commission for the Final Drafting of the Constitution
Assisting, with legal-political criteria, in the final drafting of the Constitution currently in force
June–July 2008