Steven Petersen
Of Counsel

Attorney at Law, Master in Environment
▪ Management of multidisciplinary teams
▪ Legal research
▪ Project coordination and management


+593 4 2560100
Vice-Minister of Environment
Ministry of Environment
▪ Conduct and supervise the Undersecretariats of Natural Heritage, Climate Change and Environmental Quality, investment projects and entities attached to the Ministry
▪ Drafting of proposals for environmental regulation and reform of regulatory bodies
▪ Conducting the environmental public policy to allow strengthening the management of the entity in coordination with the Vice–Minister of Water Resources
▪ Advise on the merger process between the Ministry of Environment and the National Water Secretariat
▪ Management of international cooperation for institutional strengthening
▪ Representative of the Minister before the Sustainable Environmental Investment Fund

Undersecretary of Climate Change

Ministry of the Environment
▪ Conduct and supervise 20 national Climate Change adaptation and mitigation programs with international cooperation funds
▪ Coordinate and reach consensus on criteria and national positions in international negotiations on Climate Change
▪ Head of Delegation COP 25
▪ Representative of Ecuador in the Green Climate Fund, Euroclima+ and other international organizations
▪ Propose and promote national policies to increase resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in social, economic, and environmental systems with respect to the negative impacts of Climate Change

Legal/Environmental Consultant
"Ecomental" Consulting Company
▪ Environmental legal advice and compliance with environmental regulations in the mining and industrial sector
▪ Environmental legal audits
▪ Legal representation in administrative and judicial proceedings in environmental matters
▪ Obtaining environmental permits: registrations, licenses, audits, among others
▪ Consultancies in regulatory development