Professional Ethics

APOLO ATTORNEYS are committed to comply the laws and regulations that affect us by the establishment of an integrity and ethics culture, guiding all members of the organization, professional service providers and business partners who act on behalf of APOLO ABOGADOS.
The ethical standards of our Organization are closely linked to our corporate vision, strategies and values, which are intended to provide guidance to all interested parties acting on behalf of or associated with our organization.


To comply with the highest ethical standards, and under the framework of the international standard ISO 37001: 2016 as the maximum expression of our desire to establish a real and evident culture of compliance, regarding Anti-Bribery Management Systems, we have developed, approved and implemented an Anti-Bribery Policy that is mandatory for all members of our company, through which we promise to act professionally, impartially and with integrity in all our activities.


Every member of APOLO ATTORNEYS and / or person who acts in an authorized manner on behalf of our organization has the obligation to inform and / or report any action, conduct, information or evidence that is susceptible or suspected of violating this OUR ANTI-BRIBERY POLICY and that may suppose criminal conduct by action or omission.

For this, we have provided the relevant means, so that anyone can report any type of suspicious fact or conduct or can raise any type of doubt or query in this regard.